About Melissa Lehman

I help female entrepreneurs make more money from their expertise with content that creates raving fans and boosts their authority as a leader and expert in their niche…

…allowing them to have more time to create amazing lives for themselves and their families.

How? I possess a unique blend of analytical and creative skills, plus a knack for homing in on voice and target audience. In other words, I can help you distill your brilliance into content that’s transformational – for you, as well as for your audience! I’m passionate about – you could say obsessed with – helping coaches and consultants transform their signature moves into content that expands their reach, their impact, and their bottom line.

What I'm About

Moving people. You are here (on this site and on this planet) because you have something amazing – some expertise, some Zone of Brilliance – to offer and to help your ideal clients. I love helping my clients help their clients by creating content, structures, and tools that attract “their people” and help those people close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

My Uplevel Super Powers

With a background that includes research and teaching, I analyze the things! and help you break your expertise down into teachable, digestible, bite-sized pieces. Together, we can take your zone of genius and piece it down into potent online solutions for your audience.

We can break it down, and we can also build it up!  If you have some “golden nuggets” but aren’t quite sure how they’d come together in a program, let’s connect the dots. My diverse professional background makes me a flexible communicator – I’m a word chameleon, adapting easily to meet your content needs. I am also highly curious, so I enjoy learning new things – including digging into the benefits of your products or services and how they solve your clients’ business or life problems. And this curiosity allows me to ask people the right questions to ensure concise and engaging content.

My experience as an instructor and team facilitator allows me to effectively tune in to the perspective of your target audience so that your content speaks directly to them and to their needs. I’m a stickler for clarity and I have a reputation for translating esoteric knowledge into layman’s terms. That is, I can help readers make sense of novel information and help you help them apply what they’re learning from you.

Who Am I?

Well, hiya! I’m Melissa. I was a little girl who never decided what she wanted to be when she grew up, so I had to try a few things on for size. Now, I’m a wife, mom and creative yet strategic entrepreneur who helps other online entrepreneurs create content that moves their audiences to action.

I live in Western, Pennsylvania with my husband Bob, a history teacher and track and field coach. We have two sassy, sweet, swimming daughters, Emily and Cora. When they’re not in the pool, Cora loves being outside on the trampoline, which is where I’ll find her any time it’s above 40! And Emily can be found in her bedroom, reading, drawing, or painting. (They both have better visual arts skills than their mom thanks to their dad!)

After my full-time position in marketing was eliminated, I decided to strike out on my own, so that I could stay in and contribute to the community where we’re raising our daughters, set a good example for them, and apply my experience and skills in a way that optimizes both my talents and what lights me up!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Coffee – I like my coffee dark and my mornings bright.

Planners – It’s too hard to choose, so I’m making my own.

Problem-solving – And not just on the “fixing” side of things; It’s looking for opportunities and alternatives and heading off problems before they occur. (I’m a great devil’s advocate – a totally underrated skill, in my opinion.)

Notion – Notion is my new favorite tool for keeping my act together and getting sh*t done.

Frixion pens – I can’t even begin to express my love for these….

Disc-bound notebooks – Gotta have ‘em – one for every client and project.

Road tripping with the family – We’re road warriors!

Eradicating gender-based violence – If I need to explain this one, you are in the wrong place.

Since I was in college, and all throughout my professional career, I’ve been everyone’s go-to girl for writing and editing help. My need for communication clarity and good grammar goes back to my grandfather who wanted to be an English professor. He passed his “grammar nazi” ways onto my mom, and – Voilà! – I just can’t help myself.

Add to the mix my research, teaching/training, and marketing experience, and I am perfectly poised to help entrepreneurs plan and create content that helps them help their audience. I believe in a world where we all have something special to offer and make it a better place. And I believe that we can help others achieve their dreams and make money while doing it.

When I’m not planning, writing, and creating tools for my clients (or meeting with them on Zoom), you might find me watching Disney+ with the fam, curled up with a book, volunteering for The Blackburn Center or the girls’ swim team, or running (literally) around town with my friends.

Ready to Work?

Let's talk about how I can help you get more testimonials – and more sales – when you Uplevel Your Content and lead your audience to make real changes in their lives and businesses.