What if the right content strategy meant you could create less content but have more impact?

My 3D Alchemy Approach can help you make that happen. It’s a means for creating branded, strategic content that allows you to be rapidly recognized as an expert, helps build “know, like, & trust,” and creates uncommon clarity about who you are and what you do.  

Here’s how it breaks down!

Alchemy: any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new
power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way
mixing diverse concepts into a greater whole. 

The impossible becomes possible.

3D Alchemy: D1 Is Distill Your Content

a.k.a., Create Rapid Recognition

You need to be the Beyoncé, the Taylor Swift, or the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of your market. You need the audience you serve to spot you and know exactly who you are. (And yes, it wouldn’t suck to have hordes of raving fans around the world, but you don’t really need that to have a successful business.)

No matter what market you’re in, you want to be instantly recognized by your ideal clients as someone who offers the solution they’re seeking. When you have a crystal-clear, strategic message, and you speak in your audience’s language, there’s no confusion. Your content quickly and clearly sparks recognition and provides instant insight that you solve the problem they’re struggling with – and that you do it in a way that aligns with their values. I call it ‘unmistakability.’

Visibility is overrated.

(I said what I said!)

But you’ve been told you need visibility – which requires you to constantly create content and show up everywhere. It keeps you spinning to find “new” content ideas, which drains your time and energy. New content – everywhere – dilutes your message, confuses your audience, and depletes your resources. That’s not strategic content.

For your audience to “know, like, and trust” you, they first have to discover you. You can’t just keep throwing content at the wall in the pursuit of “visibility” thinking that will help people “know” you. That just creates confusion and noise – you’re hiding yourself under layers and layers of your own, scattershot content. It would be like Ms. Swift going out every day in a different disguise – and then being disappointed no one noticed her!

(noun); aspect of your content & brand that quickly & clearly sparks recognition and provides instant insight to your audience that you solve the problem they’re struggling with – and that you do it in a way that aligns with their values.

What you need more than visibility is unmistakability. Unmistakability comes from strategically distilling your content message down to the one, core idea. It becomes the catalyst that points like a compass to you and your solution.

Create Targeted Fame for More Strategic Content

But unlike The Rock or Bey, you don’t need to be world-famous. You need Targeted Fame. First, Targeted Fame distills your content into a core message that allows your audience to easily find you. Next, they instantly recognize you as what they’re looking for. Targeted Fame is the next piece to creating strategic content. It narrows your focus, allowing you to spend less time creating content and chasing generic visibility.

Instead of working too hard to get “everyone’s” attention, your message points your ideal clients to you with laser focus. You not only spend less time coming up with content ideas – which only dilutes your core message – but you’ll also end up with more traction, more engagement, and more clients. Why? Because your content clarity makes you famous to the right people.

3D Alchemy: D2 Is Diffuse Your Content

a.k.a., Mix up your Brand Brew

Okay, so once you’ve activated your Targeted Fame and made yourself unmistakable to your ideal audience (i.e., you’ve turned yourself into The Rock of your market), you have to lead them to liking and trusting you. A core, brand message that reflects both your expertise and your humanity is what builds on “know” to create like and trust. I call it your Qualifications & Quirks, and it’s the next element we blend in to create 3D Alchemy and develop strategic content.

You’ve been told specific rules about how to earn like and trust – and there are dozens of them. The typical wisdom to gaining like and trust is to flood your audience with ALL the possible tactics. Or that you have to execute annual, complicated, live launches – with webinars and emails and countdowns, oh, my! (SO many moving parts!) But it can be so much simpler than that. Then, the specific tactics you use (e.g., sharing case studies, free content, and social proof) are easy to determine and streamline once you know the right balance of the key ingredients that will resonate with your audience.

Create Harmony Between Your Qualifications & Quirks for Strategic Branding

Though there are many ways to create know, like, and trust online, they boil down to just two things:

  1. Authentically sharing your expertise and humanity.
  2. Sharing them in balanced harmony, with one another.

What you’ve been told has focused too heavily on the tactics rather than the strategy. This can throw off the balance between your Qualifications & Quirks.

  • Too much emphasis on Qualifications. If the balance is too heavy on expertise, people may believe you know what your stuff (i.e., they may trust you), but they may not like you enough to want to work with you.
  • Too much emphasis on Quirks. If you go too heavy on your humanity, people may like you, but they might not trust you to bring them the results they’re looking for.

We diffuse (or intermingle) your Qualifications & Quirks to mix up your Brand Brew. It accelerates “like” and “trust” by striking the balance between the two things your audience most wants to know about you – who you are and what you do. When you have the right mix, your ideal audience likes and trusts you more rapidly, making it faster and easier to convert them to leads and then to clients.

Think about it: Are Swift, Johnson, and Beyoncé so beloved simply because they’re supremely talented? No, part of their fame and success is that people like who they are.

3D Alchemy: D3 Is Distribute Your Content

a.k.a., Fuel your Content Cascade

Finally! We’ve distilled your core messages to seal your unmistakability. And we diffused your Qualifications and Quirks into your Brand Brew. Now, all we need to do now is distribute your content in a way that screams, “This is exactly what I do, and who I am that I can do it so well!”

We create a Content Cascade. We array your content in a cohesive series and sequence in a way that’s easy to follow and hard to forget.

Cascade: (noun); a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on; arrangement in a series or sequence.

You’ve been told to use this template or fill in this content calendar – cookie-cutter solutions that

  1. Make you look and sound like everyone else.
  2. Confuse your audience with unaligned, random content. Each individual piece of content might hold great information but sharing these tidbits in a scattershot way adds to the information overload we’re all drowning in all the time. Nothing sticks!

What’s been missing is a plan to take your audience on a content journey, where you distribute your content in the right concentration, consistency, and sequence. A plan that helps them connect the dots and leads them to ‘A-ha!’ moments. It creates clarity by eliminating random, confusing content from your channels and aligning it in a way your audience can more easily absorb and retain. This further reinforces your ‘unmistakability’ as the expert at what you do!

Sharing random, “off road” content just confuses your audience. It’s like if Taylor Swift had intermingled all the genres she’s now mastered into her first album. We would have been confused about who she is as an artist. Instead, she took us on a journey.

Unlike your competition, there will be no doubt have the solutions to your audience’s problems. Plus, you’ll position yourself as a thought leader because of your uncommon clarity in communicating with your audience. Instead of posting random bits of your genius, that don’t allow your audience to see the big picture of the solutions you offer, you’ll create uncommon clarity about what you do, how you do it, and how you get results for your clients. And it’s actually less work!

We have a three-step plan for creating core content and then repurposing that content, so your content works harder for you instead of you having to work so hard for your content.

Let’s show your content who’s boss!

Create Some Strategic Content Magic with me?

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