Uplevel Your Content sits on the ancestral land of the Monongahela and Moundbuilder peoples. Later, the land was settled by the Seneca, which was part of a confederacy that included the Cayuga (kay-u-guh), Onondaga (aa-nuhn-daa-guh), Oneida (ow-nai-duh), and Mohawk (mow-haak) nations. This confederacy provided refuge to additional native tribes, such as the Tuscaroras (tuh-skuh-raw-ruhz), Lenape (leh-nuh-pee), and Shawnee (shaa-nee) as they were driven from their homelands by European colonizers.

While we cannot change the past, we acknowledge the iniquities committed against these peoples, honor the memory of these traditional caretakers of the land, and respect the ongoing efforts of Native peoples to preserve their culture and values.

We further recognize that this land acknowledgment alone does little to make an impact on Native Americans in our local and national communities. Therefore, we also commit to

  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Working to dismantle systems of oppression that harm Indigenous and other marginalized groups
  • Listening to and learning from these groups and modifying our behavior accordingly