On average, 4 out of 5 people don’t complete online trainings and courses!

Every time someone invests in your content but doesn’t finish it & doesn't get results, you lose a person who could be an advocate for you in the market. To make more sales, you need more “finishers”!

Create finishers by getting more people to practice, to finish, and to make the change they wanted to make. And your finishers become your loyal fans who sing your praises from the rooftops.

Learn how to create content that moves people to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Discover the key things to tweak to create content that’s actionable and results oriented.

Craft a simple, prioritized plan for Upleveling your existing content.

Get instant access to the Actionable Content Toolkit, the multi-tab spreadsheet (plus PDF versions!) and video training that shows you the framework to easily create, refine, and structure your content to get conversions and results.


Hey, there! I'm Melissa....

...I'm obsessed with how content can get people results.

These are the tools I use to help my clients create strategic, actionable content – content that helps people get what they want, which is the transformation you offer.

The more quickly and easily your audience can experience real change from your content, the faster your loyal following is going to grow.

Giving you the social proof you need to make more sales and impact more people!

And it’s easy! It takes a small shift in your approach to creating your online content, and the toolkit will show you how. As a former classroom teacher, corporate trainer, and marketing writer, I get jazzed about structuring content in ways that help people consistently apply what they learn, get them unstuck, and reaching their goals.

Grab the tools and training and I’ll show you how easy it can be…