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Whether you’re a digital marketer, a life coach, a health and wellness expert, or sales consultant, creating content that works – that attracts, converts, and delivers on your promise – is challenging. Content marketing blueprints, templates, formulas, and calendars are becoming less effective content tactics, as their availability has become ubiquitous.

Besides, you’re a successful entrepreneur, so I’d bet the rent you didn’t get to where you are today with some sort of cookie-cutter business formula. So, why would you expect ‘plug and play’ content to be any different?

I’m here to tell you that you can turn your expertise into the content that moves both your sales numbers and your clients to action…which will keep moving your sales numbers.

Why? Because your clients taking action means they get the outcomes they paid you to help them achieve and…

Their friends will notice and ask how they did it.

They’ll tag you online.

They’ll write glowing reviews & testimonials.

They’ll send you referrals.

They’ll send you flowers and sing you love songs.

(Okay, maybe….)

And, with my help, you can do it without the wasting time in blank-page-stare-of-doom mode. (Well, you could go all “Victor Hugo” and have someone lock you in a room wearing only your bathrobe, but my way is easier. Yes, even classic story writing legends had trouble getting motivated; you can read all about it.)

My “past lives” experience as a quality improvement facilitator, a classroom teacher, a corporate trainer, and a marketing writer provide me with a special mix of process, educational, and writing knowledge, which allows me to help you create content your audience can follow and apply. Oh yeah, and I have a master’s degree in research methods with an emphasis on psychology and education. So, I have a creative yet analytical brain. It’s weird, but it works because I can strategize with and create for you.

Actionable Content Toolkit!


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This is perfect for you if….

You want to create a clear path that attracts “your people,” converts them to clients, and helps them realize the change you promise.

You have life-changing expertise and systems, and you need help breaking them down for your audience.

You’re amazing at what you do, but you want to get better at teaching it through content and training materials that work.

You want to align your content channels – and direct people from your content to your offers.

You want to uplevel beyond the content tactics everyone else is using.

If that sounds like you, we should talk!